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Markstrom traded to Devils by Flames for 1st-round draft pick, Bahl

In a significant move shaking up the NHL landscape, the Calgary Flames have traded their star goaltender, Jacob Markstrom, to the New Jersey Devils. In return, the Flames will receive a coveted first-round draft pick and promising defenseman Kevin Bahl. This trade has set the hockey world abuzz, given Markstrom’s stature and the potential impact on both teams involved.

Trade Details and Immediate Reactions

Jacob Markstrom’s Profile

Jacob Markstrom, a seasoned goaltender, has been a cornerstone for the Calgary Flames since signing with them in 2020. Known for his imposing presence in the net and his ability to deliver clutch performances, Markstrom has consistently been one of the top goalies in the league. His experience and leadership qualities make him a valuable asset to any team.

Stats Overview:

  • Save Percentage: .912 over his career
  • Goals Against Average: 2.75
  • Shutouts: 16
  • Wins: 150+

Markstrom’s departure from Calgary marks the end of an era, leaving behind a significant gap in the Flames’ goaltending roster.

Kevin Bahl’s Potential

Kevin Bahl, a towering defenseman standing at 6’7″, has shown tremendous potential since being drafted by the Devils. Known for his physical style of play and defensive acumen, Bahl is seen as a future top-pair defenseman. His development has been closely watched, and his inclusion in this trade highlights his value.

Stats Overview:

  • NHL Games Played: 25
  • Points: 4 (1 goal, 3 assists)
  • Plus/Minus: +2
  • Penalty Minutes: 34

Bahl’s transition to the Flames is anticipated to bolster their blue line, providing much-needed depth and a strong defensive presence.

First-Round Draft Pick

Securing a first-round draft pick is a strategic move for the Flames, offering them the flexibility to either draft a top prospect or use the pick as a bargaining chip for future trades. This pick represents an investment in the team’s future, signaling a potential rebuild or retooling phase.

Impact on the New Jersey Devils

Strengthening the Goaltending Department

For the Devils, acquiring Jacob Markstrom addresses a critical need in their goaltending department. The Devils have struggled with consistency between the pipes, and Markstrom’s arrival is expected to stabilize their defensive play. His veteran presence will also be invaluable in mentoring younger goaltenders on the roster.

Playoff Aspirations

With Markstrom in net, the Devils’ playoff aspirations receive a significant boost. His ability to perform under pressure and steal games could be the difference-maker in tight playoff races. The Devils are aiming to return to the postseason, and this trade underscores their commitment to that goal.

Impact on the Calgary Flames

Rebuilding the Roster

The departure of Markstrom signifies a potential shift towards rebuilding for the Flames. Acquiring a first-round draft pick and a young defenseman like Kevin Bahl provides them with the assets to develop a stronger, more balanced team. The Flames may use these assets to draft top-tier talent or engage in further trades to address other roster needs.

Goaltending Strategy

With Markstrom gone, the Flames will need to reassess their goaltending strategy. Options include promoting from within, such as giving more ice time to younger goalies, or exploring the market for a veteran goaltender who can provide stability during the transition period.

Reactions from the Hockey Community

Expert Opinions

NHL Analysts: The trade has been met with mixed reactions. Some analysts praise the Devils for addressing their immediate goaltending needs, while others believe the Flames have made a smart move by focusing on future growth.

Former Players: Former players have weighed in, emphasizing the importance of solid goaltending in achieving playoff success. They see Markstrom’s addition as a pivotal move for the Devils.

Fan Reactions

Devils Fans: Excitement is palpable among Devils fans, who see this trade as a bold statement of intent. The prospect of a proven goaltender like Markstrom guarding their net has renewed their optimism for the upcoming season.

Flames Fans: While some Flames fans are saddened by Markstrom’s departure, others are hopeful about the future. The potential growth offered by the first-round draft pick and Bahl’s development is seen as a positive step forward.


The trade of Jacob Markstrom to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a first-round draft pick and Kevin Bahl marks a significant moment for both franchises. The Devils gain a top-tier goaltender to solidify their defense and bolster their playoff hopes, while the Flames acquire valuable assets for future growth and development. As the season progresses, the true impact of this trade will unfold, shaping the fortunes of both teams.



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