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Turkey vs Portugal live updates: 3-0 win secures progression to Euro 2024 knockouts for Portuguese

In a decisive match that showcased their dominance, Portugal secured a 3-0 victory over Turkey, guaranteeing their progression to the knockout stages of Euro 2024. This win, marked by strategic brilliance and clinical execution, underlines Portugal’s status as a formidable contender in this year’s tournament. Below, we provide a detailed account of the match, key moments, and player performances that defined this critical encounter.

Pre-Match Expectations

Portugal’s Form and Strategy

Coming into the match, Portugal was seen as the favorite, having demonstrated consistent form in the group stages. Under the leadership of head coach Fernando Santos, the team focused on a balanced approach, combining solid defensive tactics with dynamic attacking plays. Key players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and João Félix were expected to play pivotal roles.

Turkey’s Challenge

Turkey, on the other hand, faced an uphill battle. Despite their resilience and tactical discipline, they needed a win to keep their knockout stage hopes alive. The team’s strategy revolved around strong defensive organization and quick counter-attacks, with Burak Yılmaz leading the line.

First Half: Early Dominance by Portugal

Opening Minutes

Portugal started the match with high intensity, pressing Turkey’s defense and controlling possession. The Turkish team struggled to keep up with Portugal’s pace and precision.

15th Minute – First Goal

The breakthrough came in the 15th minute when Cristiano Ronaldo converted a superbly delivered cross from Bruno Fernandes. Ronaldo’s header, placed perfectly into the top corner, left Turkish goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır with no chance. This early goal set the tone for the rest of the match.

25th Minute – Portugal Doubles the Lead

Portugal continued to dominate, and in the 25th minute, they doubled their lead. João Félix, displaying remarkable composure, slotted home a low shot after a slick passing move involving Bernardo Silva and Diogo Jota. This goal showcased Portugal’s fluid attacking play and left Turkey reeling.

Second Half: Sealing the Victory

Turkey’s Response

Turkey attempted to regroup and showed more attacking intent in the second half. However, Portugal’s defense, marshaled by Rúben Dias and Pepe, remained resolute. Turkish attempts were either blocked or comfortably saved by Rui Patrício.

60th Minute – Tactical Adjustments

Fernando Santos made strategic substitutions around the 60th minute, bringing on fresh legs to maintain the intensity. The introduction of Renato Sanches and João Cancelo added more dynamism to Portugal’s play.

75th Minute – Final Nail in the Coffin

The final goal came in the 75th minute from a set-piece. Bruno Fernandes delivered a precise corner kick, which was met by Rúben Dias. The center-back’s powerful header found the back of the net, effectively ending any hopes of a Turkish comeback.

Key Player Performances

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s influence on the game was profound. His opening goal not only settled Portuguese nerves but also set the team on a path to victory. His leadership and experience were evident throughout the match.

Bruno Fernandes

Fernandes was instrumental in midfield, orchestrating play and contributing with two assists. His vision and passing accuracy were crucial in breaking down Turkey’s defense.

Rúben Dias

Dias delivered a commanding performance at the back and capped it with a goal. His defensive prowess ensured Turkey’s forwards had little space to operate.

Post-Match Reactions

Portugal’s Perspective

Fernando Santos praised his team’s performance, highlighting their tactical discipline and efficiency. “We executed our game plan perfectly,” he said. “This win puts us in a strong position moving forward.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, reflecting on the match, expressed satisfaction with the team’s effort. “We played as a unit and took our chances well. Now, we focus on the knockout stages.”

Turkey’s Outlook

Turkish head coach Şenol Güneş acknowledged the difficulty of the match. “Portugal is a strong team, and today they showed why. We fought hard but couldn’t break through their defense.”

Looking Ahead

Portugal’s Path Forward

With this victory, Portugal advances confidently into the knockout stages of Euro 2024. They will aim to build on this performance, leveraging their blend of experience and youthful energy to progress further in the tournament.

Turkey’s Future Prospects

Despite the loss, Turkey can take positives from their journey. They have shown resilience and have young talents who can develop for future competitions. The focus will now shift to rebuilding and preparing for the next challenge.


Portugal’s 3-0 victory over Turkey was a masterclass in strategic football, showcasing their strengths and sending a clear message to their rivals. As they advance to the knockout stages, they carry with them the momentum and confidence needed to challenge for the Euro 2024 title. Meanwhile, Turkey will reflect on their performance and look to bounce back stronger in future tournaments.



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