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Jared Leto: Surprising Sub For Pat Sajak In Wheel of Fortune Host During April Fools’ Day Prank

Have a great show and see you soon, Leto told White before taking Sajak’s usual spot at the wheel. All right, everybody, grab those devices, it’s time to give away some money.

It’s time to give away some money. A $1,000 in our first toss-up, the category is ‘On the Map. Sajak is set to depart the show at the end of the current 41st season.

Here are the stars of our show, Jared Leto and Vanna White,” the announcer said as the pair strolled out on to the stage, waving to the audience as if it were the most normal thing in the entire world.

The show then switched back to regular longtime host Pat Sajak and continued as normal with no further mention of Leto’s surprise appearance.

As they arrived at their marks, Leto channeled Sajak, telling White to “have a great show” before the two separated and made their way to their usual positions.

Leto then told White, 67, Have a great show and see you soon, before taking his place at the wheel with the show’s three contestants.

Wheel of Fortune played out as it normally does, with Vanna White stepping out arm-in-arm with the show’s host except this time, Jared Leto appeared in place of longtime host Pat Sajak.

Leto told White before she walked to the puzzle board and he sauntered over to the spot where Sajak customarily stands by the contestants.

While Jared temporarily filled in for Sajak on Monday’s Wheel of Fortune episode, Ryan Seacrest will take over his hosting role following the show’s 2023-2024 season.

The show then continued on as normal, cutting back to regular host Sajak as if nothing had happened. That’s where the April Fools’ Day joke stopped. Sajak took his rightful spot and continued the show without comments on Leto’s appearance.



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