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No Doubt’s Thrilling Coachella Set Unites Multiple Generations of Fans, Best Moments From 2024 Coachella Reunion

The Anaheim band even brought out fellow famous SoCal artist Olivia Rodrigo. The band and Stefani’s appeal and influence reach across generations and are very present and relevant today.

Old video footage of the punk band’s heyday played on the video screens throughout the set, according to social media posts.

Energetic prowess onstage made it seem like they’ve been holed up in a practice space all this time, carefully refining their buoyant riffs.

Just before No Doubt on Saturday came performances by Blur and by a new version of Sublime featuring the son of the late Bradley Nowell.

The two were playful throughout the song, with Stefani saying ahead of the bridge. Rodrigo has had quite a streak recently of paying homage to her heroes.

Her happily stable romance with costar Blake Sheldon her solo albums and tours and Vegas residency. That’s something we connected with forever.

Stefani had a bit of fun with the Coachella crowd, asking all of the boys to sing the hook to Im Just a Girl in a rollicking call and repeat moment.

As a subculture that’s long flourished in Southern California. The band members emerged gussied up in plaid as stage visuals beamed with black-and-white checkered patterns.

As she sang it Saturday, cameras fed extreme closeups of her face to the enormous video screens flanking the stage. you felt as though you could see all those old memories flooding into her mind.



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