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WATCH: Big Mavs Fan Patrick Mahomes Goes Crazy After Luka Doncic’s Game-Winner

Patrick Mahomes Goes Wild After Luka Doncic’s Incredible Game-Winner

Luka Doncic’s Game-Winning Moment

In a thrilling match, Luka Doncic delivered an unforgettable game-winning shot. The Dallas Mavericks’ star player secured a victory in the final seconds. The crowd erupted in cheers, and one fan, in particular, couldn’t contain his excitement.

Patrick Mahomes: A Dedicated Mavericks Fan

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is known for his passion for sports. However, many don’t know he’s also a die-hard Dallas Mavericks fan. His reaction to Doncic’s game-winner went viral, showcasing his unfiltered joy.

Mahomes’ Reaction Goes Viral

As the buzzer-beater swished through the net, Mahomes jumped out of his seat. He waved his arms and shouted in excitement. This moment, captured on camera, quickly spread across social media. Fans loved seeing this crossover between two sports icons.

The Impact of Star Power

Mahomes’ enthusiastic support highlights the intersection of sports and fandom. When a superstar from one sport shows love for another, it resonates with fans everywhere. This moment wasn’t just about basketball; it was about the universal language of sports passion.

Social Media Buzz

The video of Mahomes’ reaction garnered thousands of likes and shares. Comments poured in, with fans expressing their joy and surprise. The crossover appeal between the NFL and NBA brought fans from both worlds together.


Luka Doncic’s game-winner was a highlight of the season, but Patrick Mahomes’ reaction added an extra layer of excitement. It’s moments like these that remind us why we love sports. The shared joy, the unexpected connections, and the pure passion are what make these events unforgettable.



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