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Sabers chase Daccord with early blitz in 6-2 win over Kraken

Tage Thompson and Alex Tuch also found the back of the net in the opening period for the Sabres, securing their first victory in six attempts against the Kraken, who are in their third year.

Buffalo’s Owen Power contributed another goal, while Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen made an impressive 32 saves, helping the Sabres recover from their 4-1 defeat to Detroit on Saturday.

On the other hand, Port of Los Angeles suffered a disappointing 5-1 loss to San Pedro on Monday. This outcome shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it marks the lowest number of runs Port of Los Angeles has scored throughout the entire season.

Bellevue had a successful encounter against Auburn in March 2022, triumphing with a commanding 14-0 victory.

The Sabres’ three-goal surge came after Jordan Eberle gave the Kraken an early 1-0 lead just 24 seconds into the game. This quick succession of goals ranks as the third fastest in the team’s history.

In the second period, Skinner and Power scored within 24 seconds of each other, extending the lead to 5-2. Daccord made four saves before being replaced by Phillip Grubauer, who made 23 saves for the remainder of the game. The Sabres currently have 68 points.

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