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Kinsey Fabrizio: The New Face of Leadership Consumer Technology

We witnessed numerous groundbreaking innovations in women’s health during the CES 2024 exhibition. The digital health sector consistently plays a significant role at CES. Merely increasing the number of women in the industry is insufficient to empower the current generation of women in technology and establish role models for the future.

This exemplifies how technology is now being customized to address specific women’s health concerns. Such advancements were not prevalent at CES a decade ago, indicating the progress and development in this field.

Transparency is a fundamental aspect of our association’s values and is considered a standard practice in the events industry as exhibitors and attendees assess the value and impact of such events.

While many were perfecting their sourdough bread recipes, Fabrizio was pursuing her studies. She utilized this time to earn her MBA from the University of Maryland Global Campus, enhancing attendees’ efficiency and helping them identify individuals they wish to engage with.

Fabrizio’s journey with CTA commenced in 2008 when she joined the membership department, showcasing her dedication to the industry from the beginning. CES, known for its transparency, adheres to strict auditing standards set by UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

We have members who are digital health companies, and we are committed to advancing the industry for their benefit. The evolution of CES in the past decade has opened up more opportunities for women in the tech sector.

Among the remarkable products we encountered in the women’s health domain, some were truly exceptional and distinctive. Fabrizio’s journey to success has been shaped by numerous qualities.

CTA is well-positioned to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the constantly evolving landscape of consumer technology. In the words of Deena Ghazarian, chairwoman of the CTA Executive Board, “Kinsey embodies the essence of CTA.”



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