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Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott as Free Agent, imminent talks on new long-term deal

Jerry Jones, the team owner, mentioned during the NFL owners meetings on Tuesday that the Cowboys are fully prepared for this year in terms of a potential extension.

Coaching staff may vary. Discussions about contracts may resume. Strong teams can rise and fall. Prescott will be entering a new contract year in 2024, which could lead to changes during the offseason.

The increasing value of quarterbacks in the market bodes well for Prescott’s potential extension. Despite the lack of negotiations so far, there are still uncertainties about Prescott’s future with the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the team, expressed on Tuesday that he has no concerns about Prescott’s future with the Cowboys. Many anticipated that the Cowboys would negotiate a new contract that would both extend Prescott’s tenure and reduce his salary cap for 2024.

Dak is determined to contribute in every possible way, both on and off the field, to help us achieve victory. As we progress, we will observe how our thoughts align.

According to Ian Rapoport from the NFL Network, it is now widely expected that Prescott will play the upcoming season under his current contract.

It is important to mention that Prescott’s current agreement includes clauses that prevent him from being tagged or traded. In 2023, Prescott had one of his most successful seasons.

Based on Payton’s past choices, it appears that he prefers experienced veterans, similar to Drew Brees in New Orleans. Prescott possesses the type of skill set in managing the game that could attract the head of operations.



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